Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

Might as well write them down and make it official.

1:45 half marathon (Eugene): an 11 minute PR
4:00 marathon (Portland): a 30 minute PR (seized up last time)
6:10 Half Ironman (Lake Stevens): an 80 minute PR (last one was first tri of any length, so I throttled way back, just wanting to finish in one piece)
Survive Hood to Coast Relay

Things I'm doing now to make these happen:
Twice a week core/lower body strength classes
More stretching and yoga
Monthly massage (and not just when I'm hurting)
Cycling on rollers
More intensity, less often
Modifying diet to drop 10-15 pounds
XC skiing

I'll do several sprint/Olympic distance triathlons in early summer for fine tuning.

Non-fitness goals:
Finish tricking out the garage
Find a publisher for novel
Take an occasional nap
Don't think so much
Don't be so hard on myself or on others

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