Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little side trip Part II...

We hit a bunch of beaches so Zoe could swim in warm water and maybe do some snorkeling. All that quickly took a back seat to her new pastime.

Question: What do you call one scoop of dry sand followed by two scoops of wet sand?
See below for The Obvious Answer:

Zoe's idea of a Pedicure for Daddy

I received at least one on every beach.

Went to Lahaina for the Banyan Tree, or the Old Abandoned Tree as our 8-year-old called it. I had to correct her and say that it was actually named after Paul Banyan. This thing seems to be growing in about 4 dimensions, and is literally as big as a city block.

Lunch at Mama's Fish House; didn't have the heart to tell Zoe that her college fund was raided to pay for this ridiculously exquisite (and insanely expensive) meal. She helped our cause by ordering the grilled cheese sandwich for a mere $19.

Hiramasa, Salmon, Ahi

Until now, I didn't know that a $14 cup of coffee existed. But a restaurant featuring autographed photos of the Doobie Brothers and Aerosmith can't be all bad.

Met some wonderful folks in the house next door; Greg, Serena, Grace, and Miller were visiting from Tampa. Since Grace and Zoe were the same age, they had a great time together.

As our parting event, we all attended a superb luau on the beach.

But somehow I don't think all our servers were native Hawaiians. Some looked more like New Yorkers.

"You wanna Mai Tai? Fuggehdaboudit."
Time to start saving for the next trip.

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