Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food, glorious food...

Outdoor concert in the park. Thunder clouds approaching, so it's a quick trip through the food vendors, then we're outta here.

I keep telling Zoe she needs to stop growing, but she never listens.

Tonight's goal was to eat: I've been hungry all day. And 'Healthy' was not a primary concern. The wasabi fish tacos were fairly decent, not horribly decadent, and they were gone in a hurry.

Then Zoe had fish and chips. A little greasy, but not bad.

The piece de resistance; deep fried Oreos. Sooooo good.

Diet? I'm tired of salads. Besides, I'm running 26 miles this weekend, and I've been looking a bit thin. Time to replenish.

However, I can only loosely include this post under the label 'nutrition.'

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