Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Closure in New Jersey and lotsa Family....

Linda, Curt, Angela, Phyllis (Angela's mom)

Diane, Leslie, Mark

Mom and Curt



The car I sent

Mom and Russ's wedding at the church 'farmhouse' in Kingwood (west of Flemington). Uncle Bud (LJ's 2nd husband), LJ, Mom, Russ, Russ's mom. Sept 14th, 1985

Zoe in a collage at the reception

Russ and Ryan, Russ's daughter Heather's son. He has Downs and was born right after 9/11

Cousins Tova and Tara, Diane's daughters

Linda, Diane, Mom

Curt's crab legs from Saturday night

LJ's house in Saddle Brook

School across the street from LJ's. I spent lots of time there shooting hoops or hitting a tennis ball against the building. 

My pork roll breakfast before the service

dinner near the Boardwalk in Pt Pleasant on Friday

Phyllis, Curt, Russ's daughter Heather

First picture of the three of us in decades. I wasn't letting them leave until we got this shot.

Curt and Linda

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