Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 Olympic Trials - Day 2

Wasn't sure I'd have enough material for today. A couple of finals, some semis, and not a lot of intrigue.

Or so I thought.

But I did see a nice loud pair of sneakers among the volunteer crew;

With another forecast of high 50 degree temps and much rain, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at the sheer number of spectators wearing flip-flops out here.

Then there was the guy with dreadlocks literally down to his ankles.

A guy actually breaks a javelin while throwing it. How in God's name do you break a javelin?

I see someone who looks like Mac Wilkins, 1976 Gold Medalist in the Discus. Mac competed with a huge beard, huge shoulders, huge arms, just a lumberjack-looking behemouth. Except this guy I see today weighs about as much as I do. Now he looks like a distance runner?

In Day 2 of the decathlon, Brian Clay hits a hurdle, then pushes the next one down with his hands. Uh oh, that's an automatic DQ. Except the referee lets him stay in. Ok, I suppose, except that Brian also walked across the finish line and gave up massive points. Not good, it puts him 110 points behind third place, although he's very good in the upcoming discus and javelin throws.

But not good, because he still hasn't hit the qualifying standard # of points for the Olympics. So he's pretty much done. I think I may have jinxed him yesterday. Sorry, big guy. Regardless, a gold and silver medal in two Olympics is a fairly good haul. And to his credit, he finished the entire competition instead of ducking out early.

Celebrity sighting: Dick Fosbury, 1968 Gold Medalist, and inventor of the Fosbury Flop. His innovation was an accident borne of frustration; he just couldn't get over the bar in the 'normal' way, so he created a new normal. He and a buddy drove to the Mexico Games in a VW van and basically partied the whole way (before and after). Typical high jumper!

Justin Gatlin wins his 100m semi. The 2004 Gold Medalist looks serious, and about 20-30 pounds lighter. He wants more hardware.

Lolo Jones, she of the 2008 Olympic hurdle stumble, somehow sneaks onto the team after back surgery and does another Happy Lolo dance. She's just thrilled to be here. Again.

Am I crazy, or does Lolo have the best game face in track and field? You do not want to get in her way.

Lolo in flight; watch out!
Kellie Wells also gets on the hurdles team. Talk about obstacles; her mother's boyfriend, a serial abuser, got himself and Kelllie's mother killed in a car wreck. Kellie nearly shut down for good, but kept herself together and is now on her way o'er the pond. Git after it.

And this guy in green had a pretty good couple of days.

Like a world record. That was one loud stadium on the last lap.

Note to the Deschutes Multisport Club; we should sign him up!

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