Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 Olympic Trials - Day 6

Finally, a slow (ish) day.

Only one final of interest, the women's steeplechase. And it's the last event.

One thing I didn't consider when there are 20,000 people in the stands each day; many of them are from out of town. And many of them will be clogging enjoying the local amenities.

Like the swimming pool. I'm off to do some laps, but there are bodies everywhere. Slow people in the fast lane, fast people in the slow lane, and a guy with a mohawk who is literally swimming over everyone.

Then it's off to the Fan Festival. Nike, the major underwriter of the Trials, has a neat display with the top three placers of each event updated as we go. Here's an interesting shot, six days after the women's 100m dash ended.

Notice the big empty spot where third place is. They still haven't figured it out.

Disclaimer: no one could forsee a dead heat down to the 1/1000 of a second. And their solution makes sense (except for the coin flip option). It's just a shame.

But not a constitutional infringement, so chill out, people.

As I stepped into the onsite Nike Store, a guy asked me where I bought my hat:

Not this hat, but I just love the picture

Sorry, sir, this type of hat is only for meet operations personnel. He looked disappointed.

Color me important.

The 1500m semi was held up a few minutes due to a false start in the 110 hurdles. Protocol is that no athletes can be on the track while another running event is in progress. So the distance guys sat down or stretched out for the duration.

They looked like a bunch of kids sitting on the grass at the park. Especially the one guy who spent the time vigorously attempting to pop a pimple on his knee.

Then there's AJ Acosta in the second semi, sporting what looks to be a cross between a mullet and a cowlick.

And I felt kinda bad for the folks in this tent, especially when the winds were unfavorable:

Hey, I told you, it was a slow news day.

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