Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another great (?) ride...

Super day of training, thanks the Deschutes Multisport Club. A dip in the balmy reservoir, a 50 mile bike ride toward the mountain, and a couple mile run to get the legs ready.


One of my aero bar pads lost its sense of Velcro and flew off the bike while driving to the swim. No big.

Then I started putting my wetsuit on backwards before I realized it. Duh.

Did I mention the 51 degree water? Anything that cold should have the Titantic in it.

The bike ride: my water bottle cages are behind the seat, making it hard to reach for a drink. And a triathlon bike by definition is unstable when one hand is off the handlebars. And I've been on this particular bike exactly three times. And I was trying to keep up with strongmen Riley and Joseph.

You can see where this is going. An unplanned swerve off the asphalt.

That ain't strawberry jam...

Good news; no damage to the bike, and my brand new club racing outfit remains unscathed. Well, maybe a bit scathed. The 'no bike damage' part was really good, since we were 25 miles from nowhere and the car.

Kinda wish I took a picture of the trench I involuntarily dug in the gravel ditch. I was spitting rocks for miles, but all teeth are intact. Too bad no pix of me flying o'er the handlebars;  just as well, since I forgot to do the less invasive somersault. Instead, I used my face to slow myself down.

Kids, don't try this at home.

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