Monday, June 27, 2011

Homemade Energy Gel

It's not that I mind the store-bought stuff, but a buck and a half for one ounce?
And I like doing things myself. But I'm also lazy...

So I do a search and find an interesting recipe online:

1/4 c rice syrup
1/4 c malt syrup
2 oz honey or blackstrap molasses
2 oz agave nectar
1 tbs peanut butter (melted)

Mix 'em up and taste: awfully sweet. To counteract, add a small amount of coffee grounds and sea salt. Not bad. Then I put a little bit of soy milk or water to thin it out; otherwise, it flows like 40 weight oil.

Enough to fill a couple of flasks. I tried the recipe during my first tri of the year and rocked it, no stomach issues and plenty of late energy.

A few other recipes I found:

7 tbs honey
3/4 tbs blackstrap molasses
sea salt

2 parts rice syrup
1 part carob powder
sea salt

  • Salt (sodium) and blackstrap (potassium) will help electrolyte depletion
  • Agave nectar is among the best for long-term energy (low glycemic index)
  • Dates are good for quick energy, though they have some fiber. Will investigate further
  • You'll need to wash this potion down with water
Kinda fun to play around with this stuff. And it seems to work.


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  2. Fantastic recipe! I will have to give this a try. I usually train in a fasted state ( but I think that this kind of gel would fit in great on the days when I need some extra carbs. Thank you for sharing!