Sunday, June 26, 2011

A model student

The wife of my daughter's 1st grade teacher just happened to mention wanting to complete a triathlon, with no racing experience or any idea how to train.

Nick (grinning): "I'll write a comprehensive and customized training plan, and it will cost you exactly.....nothing."

Boy, I can sell 'em, can't I?

The goal was the Pacific Crest Olympic Tri. She was hoping to finish in 5 hours. I wrote the plan, complete with bricks, tempo runs, and speed work. After 2 months of tracking her progress, I knew she would be well under 4 hrs. But I didn't tell her that.

In training, she went to the 51 degree reservoir, suited up, and got in. The pictures are priceless; her face is toward the sky, no doubt in agony. Then she's running out of the water like she has something better to do.

Then she went all in. Water that cold can do bad things to a body, and we're not talking about just being uncomfortable. She really, REALLY wanted to turn around and get out, but some stubborn coach got between her and dry land and convinced her to keep going.

It'll get better, he said. And it did.

So what does she do the next day? She goes back and jumps in again. And again. Just to be sure she could do it when it counted. Then she rode the bike course several times to get an idea of the hills.

I couldn't have asked for a better student.

Race day; she warms up in the water, and the nerves disappear. Sweet.

I'm waiting for her after T2, not sure what to expect. But here she comes, literally dancing and smiling while running a minute per mile faster than she's supposed to. Slow down, kiddo.

Bricks are the key. So is consistency. She nailed her training plan, and today it shows.

2 miles left and still smiling?

Now she tells me to get lost, she wants the last bit all to herself. I take off for the finish line, and here she comes.

All this, and a sprint to end it all...
She figured on sub-5 hr, hoped for sub-4, and got 3:37.

I wish I could say I was a genius in writing her training plan (and I was), but she did all the work in fine style. And she immediately started thinking about her next race.

6 hours later, she looked fresher than I did.

Nice job, Meg.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Nick! It meant a lot to me that you were able to be there yesterday! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!